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A revolutionary way to control very high pressure drop fluid flow. A high capacity, high recovery control valve able to withstand continuous choked-flow conditions throughout its control range. The unique, least disruptive, axis-symmetrical annular flow path directs high velocity, vaporized fluid away from fluid boundaries throughout the entire range of control.


  • Hydrocarbon refining systems requiring high pressure/high differential precision pressure control
  • Injection pump pressure control
  • Backpressure regulation for pump testing systems
  • Boiler feed water injection flow control
  • Natural gas production flow control when fluid is contaminated with water and erosive solids
  • Any fluid control application where cavitation damage to control valves has been observed

How A Severe Service Control Valve Works

  • The valve Stem rotates by a multi-turn electric actuator in response to control signal.
  • The pinion gear on the Stem engages teeth on the Sleeve arranged on a helical path.
  • The Power Threads on the sleeve have the same pitch as the helix of the Sleeve teeth, causing it to translate as it rotates.
  • The Plug is fixed to the intake hub of the valve body, with the contoured center portion suspended in the center by vanes on the upstream side.
  • Fluid flow is modulated as the distance between the Seat and Plug changes.


  • Multi-turn valve stem for precise control with low torque requirement.
  • Complies with API 6A or ASME B16.34 for materials and construction.
  • Triple-sealed to contain process fluid up to 450F.
  • Ultralubeâ„¢ coated flow path and actuation components.
  • Nitrocarburized 17-4PH stainless steel trim components.
  • Tungsten carbide or 440C Seat, TC Plug optional.
  • End configurations to suit wide variety of applications.
  • Rotary-to-linear internal actuation employing the helical bevel gear drive system
    (U.S. patents 9,103,421 and 9,404,561. International Pub. No. WO 2014/186437 A1).

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Atlas Severe Service Control Valves

Atlas Severe Service Control Valves

Atlas Severe Service Control Valves

Atlas Severe Service Control Valves

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