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Safety Shutoff Valves / Relief Valves

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Safety Shut-Off Valve - 6000 Series

Total Valve Systems can perform any OEM modification to a swing check, or any other type of valve, used for safety and/or emergency shut-off situations.

Fusible links are available in series or parallel.

6100 Safety Shut-Off Valve

6100-I 2 2.07 9.00 10.09 1.06 9.83 3.44 3.50 2.0 6.50 4.03
6100-K 3 3.07 10.78 12.00 1.19 11.57 4.34 4.41 3.0 8.25 5.76
6100-LK 4X3 3.07 10.78 12.12 1.31 11.57 4.34 4.41 3.0 10.00 5.76
6100-L 4 4.03 11.74 13.08 1.31 12.65 5.72 5.78 4.0 10.00 7.50
6X4 4.03 11.74 13.27 1.50 12.84 5.72 5.78 4.0 12.50 7.50
6100-M 6 6.07 14.22 15.75 1.50 15.21 7.84 7.91 6.0 12.50 10.44
6100-NM 8X6 6.07 14.22 15.94 1.69 15.40 7.84 7.91 6.0 15.00 10.44
6100-N 8 7.98 16.41 18.01 1.69 17.97 9.50 9.56 8.0 15.00 12.63

*Basic options Carbon Steel Bodies, Stainless Internal. Other Materials are available. Available by different Pressure Classes. All dimensions are listed in inches. Dimensions shown are for standard design. Valves are custom-engineered and dimensions proved above are for reference only. Dimensions are subject to change without notice.

Model 6100 is Total Valve Systems’ Emergency Shut-Off Valve which can be used both “in-line” and “in tank” applications. The valve is installed on the mounting flange of the barge or the pipeline preventing unauthorized tampering with valve actuators. This valve provides 100% full product flow. It is spring loaded in a power fail-safe closed position and is opened through the introduction of hydraulic or pneumatic pressure. When the pressure is removed the valve closes, resulting in complete flow shut-off. Model 6100 is ideally suited for applications where fire safety is a consideration. With a fusible plug installed on each valve, this plug will melt at 212 degrees F or specified temperature; thus releasing the actuating pressure causing the valve to close automatically.

Model 6100 is available from 2” to 8” at 300# pressure rating. Standard materials are ASTM A395 ductile iron and plated for corrosion resistance. Inquire about the availability of other sizes, pressure ratings, material and seal compounds.

6200 Emergency Shutdown Valve

Model Size 150# ANSI Flanges 300# ANSI Flanges
End to End
Flange ID
End to End
Flange ID
6200-E 1 8.75 5.00 1.00 9.38 8.00 1.00
6200-G 1.5 10.50 6.50 1.50 11.62 9.00 1.50
6200-I 2 12.50 8.00 2.00 13.00 10.50 2.00
6200-K 3 14.50 9.50 3.00 15.25 12.50 3.00
6200-L 4 16.50 11.50 4.00 17.50 14.00 4.00
6200-M 6 18.50 16.00 6.00 20.00 17.50 6.00
6200-N 8 20.50 19.50 8.00 22.00 22.00 8.00
6200-O 10 22.50 24.50 10.00 23.00 24.50 10.00
6200-P 12 24.50 27.50 12.00 26.00 28.00 12.00
6200-Q 14 Please inquire for dimensions.
6200-R 16
6200-S 18

*Basic options Carbon Steel Bodies, Stainless Internal. All other materials are available. Available in All Pressure and Seat Leakage Classes. All dimensions are listed in inches. Dimensions shown are for standard design. Valves are custom-engineered and dimensions proved above are for reference only. Dimensions are subject to change without notice.

The 6200 series valve uses reliable, reverse swing check valve technology to immediately stop the flow of fluid or vapor during an emergency. It stops flow quickly and remains closed providing needed isolation until primary emergency valves are reset and system safety is restored.

The valve is designed to close when a remote signal or alarm is sent to the electronic or pneumatic tripping device. Fusible links that melt during a fire also allow fast closing. Our optional valve by-pass system breaks static pressure to help equalize the pressure downstream when resetting the valve to the normal open position.

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Model 6810 TSV
Total Shut Down Valve Actuation System

Valve Field Service 24/7

6810 Total Shut down module controls pneumatic/hydraulic operated valves to meet the various requirements of NFPA 58 and the other facility/ regulatory requirements. The 6810 model can be configured to the exact customer shut down specifications due to the modular design. The 6810 system can be integrated into current system or sold separately as a new valve/actuation system.

6810 TSV System is coupled with an API 607 approved ball valve and actuator. Systems are available in all standard pressure classes and sizes.

Sizes from 2” to 48” are available with the TSV system Exclusive features include a thermal element, remote closure cable, relief protection, system regulator, system solenoids. Optional accessories include gauges, valve position sensors, 2 year lithium battery, solar panel, manual override, NEMUR and ISO interfaces.

Model 6820 TRV
Total Relief Valve

Valve Field Service 24/7

6820 TRV is our proprietary system to open or close a valve at desired set pressure. This patented system includes the TRV module, an actuator and an isolation valve. The typical isolation valves are triple off-set butterfly valves due to the performance and durability to these types of valves.

This system allows the user to operate to within 1 % to 3% of the desired set pressure of the valve. The relief capacity is much greater than typical relief systems on the market today which allows for lower overall system costs. No external power is required for the device. It is independent of system back pressure. When coupled with a ball valve it offers the capability of being pigged and provides the overpressure or shutdown protection.

Sizes from 2” to 60” are available with the 6820 TRV system. API and ASME certifications on respective components.

*ASME certification is in process for over protection pressures greater than 1 bar.

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