Emergency Shutdown Valves

Emergency Shutdown Valves detect and immediately stop the flow of potentially hazadrdous materials.
Shutdown options can be custom built to customer needs.


Hydraulic - Pneumatic, or Manually Operated Thermal
Remote - Manual - Local Shutdown
Loss of Supply Closing


Pipelines & Storage Facilities - LPG, Chemical, & Power Plants
Rail Loading Facilities - Pumping Stations
Tank Farms - Shipyards

6000 Series

Safety Shut-off Valve

Total Valve Systems can perform any OEM modification to a swing check, or any other type of valve, used for safety and/or emergency
shut-off situations. Fusible links are available in series or parallel.

To schedule a brief presentation that can be held at your location or via Webinar,
please contact us at Sales@totalvalve.com.

Model 6100

Safety Shut-off Valve

This model can be used in both "in-line" and "in-tank" applications. The valve is installed on the mounting flange of a barge or pipeline, preventing unauthorized tampering with valve actuators. It is spring loaded in a power fail-safe closed position and is opened through the introduction of hydraulic or pneumatic pressure. When the pressure is removed, the valve closes, resulting in the complete flow shut-off.

The Model 6100 is ideally suited for applications where fire safety is a consideration. With a fusible plug installed on each valve, the element material will melt at the specified temperature, thus releasing the actuating pressure and causing the valve to close automatically.


Model 6200

Emergency Shutdown Valve

This model is an automated, reverse flow check valve designed to immediately halt the flow of fluid during an emergency. Standard sizes are 4" and up.


  • Rapid closing, reverse flow
  • Local and remote monitoring and reset options
  • Low emission design


  • Thermal
  • Loss of instrument air
  • Local and remote
  • Manual

Model 6250

Emergency Shutdown Valve

This model is a manual, spring-loaded, reverse flow check valve designed to immediately halt the flow of fluid during an emergency. Standard sizes are 4” and up.


  •  Rapid closing, reverse flow
  • Remote monitoring options
  • Low emission design
  • Fusible thermal device for tripping valve

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