• Full Service Center for Pressure Relief and Line Valves - Emergency Contact: 1-800-324-7035
  • OEM conversions and modifications for Pressure Relief Valves and Process Line Valves
  • National Board VR certified and most experienced valve techs in the industry
  • On-call 24/7 technicians and mobile units
  • Web-based Inventory and Service Tracking System
  • Custom engineered Excess Flow, Control, Isolation Valves and actuation driven valve systems
  • CNC and traditional in-house manufacturing equipment
  • Flow Lab and Steam Boiler to set and optimize valve performance

Industries Served:

Brands Serviced:

New Products and Services

Power Plant & Energy Consolidated - Dresser
Cryogenic Processes Orbit
Pulp Paper Wika
Food & Beverage Farris - Teledyne
Pharmaceutical Crosby - Tyco
Petrochemical Kunkle
Chemical Ashcroft
Oil & Gas Processing Fisher
Natural Gas & LPG Walworth
Biofuels & Alternate fuels ...and many more
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