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Introducing the ValvChem Range of Fluorinated Valve Seal Materials, in Stock and Ready to Ship.

FFKM and FEPM Compounds Offer Unparalleled Advantages in Harsh Valve Sealing Applications

Total Valve is excited to introduce our ValvChem-K™ and ValvChem-A™ range of FFKM and FEPM seals for the valve industry.

O-rings and other seals made from thermoset fluorinated elastomers, such as Kalrez® (FFKM) and Aflas® (FEPM), are exceptionally well suited for a wide range of severe service applications. The big challenge to the use of these specialized materials has always been cost. Another, more recent challenge is availability. Total Valve Systems is addressing both of these issues with our new ValvChem™ line of premium fluoroelastomer valve sealing compounds that offer both competitive pricing and immediate availability.

ValvChem™ Seals are Engineered and Manufactured by Total Valve Specifically for Demanding Valve Applications.

Is the FFKM seal shortage putting you in a bind? Total Valve has you covered.

Worldwide supply chain disruptions have led to a chronic shortage of perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) seal materials. In response, the technical engineering team at Total Valve Systems has launched a proprietary range of FFKM (compare to Kalrez® from DuPont) )and FEPM (compare to Aflas® from AGC) O-rings designed for challenging valve applications. Our materials meet or exceed the specs of the market leading compounds and our O-rings are manufactured in our hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Flame Arrestor Repair

ValvChem™ A65-500

Balancing heat and chemical resistance with low-temperature flexibility and base-resistant performance, it is suitable for a range of applications including chemical process industries.

Compare to Aflas® 200P
Durometer 65
Max. Temp. 500°F
Resists Bases, amines, hot water, steam, and abrasion

ValvChem™ A75-450

Well suited for products like O-rings and seals for use in extremely harsh and aggressive chemical environments.

Compare to Aflas® PM-3000
Durometer 75
Max. Temp. 450°F
Resists Hot water/steam, high temperature ammonias, oils, solvents, and compression set

Flame Arrestor Repair

Flame Arrestor Repair

ValvChem™ K55-500

A soft, low-modulus compound. Well suited to use in relief valves and other low sealing force applications.

Compare to Kalrez® 1058
Durometer 55
Max. Temp. 500°F
Resists Organic and inorganic acids, and temperature cycling

ValvChem™ K75-525

Excellent general-purpose material that is designed to handle most types of severe service.

Compare to Kalrez® 6375
Durometer 75
Max. Temp. 525°F
Resists Acids, bases, amines, hot water, steam, ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, and mixed streams

ValvChem™ K75-600

Provides a wide range of resistance in many high-temperature, severe-service applications.

Compare to Kalrez® 4079
Durometer 75
Max. Temp. 600°F
Resists Organic and inorganic acids Good response to temperature cycling

ValvChem™ K82-550

The best perfluoroelastomer material for water, steam and aromatics with mixed hydrocarbons.

Compare to Kalrez® 1050LF
Durometer 82
Max. Temp. 550°F
Resists Bases, amines, hot water, steam, and abrasion
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