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Questtec Direct Level
Direct Level


Our extensive Steam-Trac product line was designed specifically for several models of water gauge / steam gauges with high pressure ranges from 300 psi working steam pressure to 3000 psi working steam pressure.

Standard features include nickel plated bolting, high temperature paint, spring washers, high quality Mica, and Stainless Steel reinforced grafoil gaskets. Additional options make the Steam-Trac ideal for your full range of steam level gauge requirements.


Glass-Trac Gauges, formally Daniel Level Gauge & Valve, are available in three main types: Reflex, Transparent, & Tubular. These direct reading instruments are available in many different materials to meet your specific process conditions.

Glass-Trac Reflex Gauges use prism glass to provide an excellent indication of the liquid level. All liquids appear black in contrast to the mirror-like surface above. This clean line of separation can be sighted from many yards away.

Glass-Trac Transparent Gauges use clear, see-through glass on both sides so that both the color and the interface of liquids can be viewed. Electric lighted gauge illuminators are available for use on transparent gauges and provide easy viewing of liquid levels in dimly lighted areas.

Glass-Trac Tubular Glass Gauges are available in any length desired and can be fitted with tubular style gauge valves. These gauges provide 360 degrees of visibility of the liquid level through strong, clear glass. Guard rods and plastic tubes are available as an added measure of protection.

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Steam-Trac STB-3000

Direct reading steam / water gauges

Steam-Trac ST-1600

Direct reading steam / water gauges

Steam-Trac ST-1000

Direct reading steam / water gauges

Steam-Trac ST-450

Direct reading steam / water gauges

Steam-Trac ST-350

Direct reading steam / water gauges

Glass-Trac Reflex

Liquid level gauges and valves

Glass-Trac Transparent

Liquid level gauges and valves

Large Chamber Gauge

Specialty gauges: boiling, flashing & foaming of liquid

Welding Pad Gauge

Specialty gauges: integral vessel gauge

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