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Plug Valves
Plug Valves

A Plug Valve is a valve which is used to control the flow of fluid in pipelines or into any processing unit. These valves consist of plugs which are either conical or cylindrical tapered and can be rotated inside the valve body either with the help of a hand wheel or motor actuated. Total Valve Systems offers the Double Block and Bleed (DBB) design of plug valves that is a single valve with two seating surfaces that in the closed position, provides a seal against pressure from both ends of the valve, with a means of venting/bleeding the cavity between the seating surfaces.


Duraseal Double Block & Bleed Plug Valve

With the DuraSealâ„¢ you get the proven advantages of a valve that has been considered the standard of quality since 1951.

DBB Plug Valve

Rapid seal abrasion is inherent in the designs of most ball and gate valves.

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