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Relief Valves & Shutdown Valves
Relief Valves & Shutdown Valves
  • The most accurate set pressure in the industry with tight tolerances for any valve size (e.g. 0.5 psig set pressure, ±0.2 psig tolerance)
  • Wide temperature range applications (-320°F to 1500°F) including cryogenic and high temperatures
  • Low maintenance; No downtime to reset/close the valve (just push of a button to close the valve in seconds) without the need of replacing parts
  • Remote reclosing option
  • Easy set pressure change in the field


Model 6820

Total Valve Systems can perform any OEM modification to a swing check, or any other type of valve, used for safety and/or emergency shut-off situations.

Model 6810

The 6810 TSV system consists of a ball valve, actuator, and module designed to stop the flow during an emergency.

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