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Globe Valves
Globe Valves

Globe valves, sometimes know as throttling valves, are different from ball valves in that they can be used to regulate flow. Globe valves can be used for on and off applications. The seat of a globe valve is in the middle of the valve and is parallel to the pipe and use either a disc or a plug to shut off flow. Globe valves can be structured to handle flow in either direction. Globe valves can be offered either with a manual open, generally a hand wheel or gear operator or an actuator can be added to allow for remote operation. Total Valve Systems can offer a globe valve to meet your needs an can actuate the valve in-house.


Hydrofluoric Alkylation Valves

Pacific® offers Hydrofluoric (HF) valves meeting API-624.

CSV High Alloy Valves

Pacific® offers a large selection of high alloy valves to handle corrosive and demanding applications.

Pressure Seal Cast Globe Valves

Pacific® Pressure Seal cast steel globe valves for power generation and refining applications.

Pressure Seal Y-Globe and Stop-Check Valves

Spring-loaded discs are self-aligning and reduces actuator torque requirements.

Stainless Steel Valves

Aloyco® stainless steel check valves come in alloy steel y-pattern and t-pattern designs, and offer critical protection for pumps and compressors in corrosive environments.

Cast Steel

For years, DSI® Cast Steel Valves have been satisfying the needs of Petroleum Refineries, Chemical Processing Plants, Power Generating Plants, and and other processing facilities throughout the world.

Forged Steel

All DSI® forged carbon steel valves maintain a .22% maximum carbon content and are normalized to further refine the grain and homogenize the microstructure.

Pressure Seal

DSI® Pressure Seal valves are designed for high pressure, high temperature applications such as Steam-Generation Stations, Industrial/Chemical Processing Plants, Thermal Power Generating Plants and other processing facilities throughout the world.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel NEWCO gate, globe, and check valves offer a complete collection in all grades of stainless steel.


Cast-steel NEWCO gate, globe, and check valves exceed all industry performance requirements.


Pressure-seal NEWCO valves are ideal for standard and critical power-industry applications.


The forged-steel NEWCO gate, globe, and check valves are ideal for downstream applications and critical power-industry applications.

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