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Rupture Discs

Second to safety valves, rupture discs are the most commonly utilized pressure protection devices in industrial plant operations. Protecting pipelines and vessels from deformation and other damage, repture discs priorities are to protect the system and minimize downtime.

Pricing Options:

  • Primary Relief
    The rupture disc is the only device utilized for pressure relief. Advantages of having a rupture disc as the primary relief device is an instantaneous response time, minimum pressure drop, leak tight, high reliability and minimum maintenance.
  • Secondary Relief
    Providing a backup vent to a primary relief device, usually a relief valve, when using a rupture disc as secondary relief. It provides additional protection against an unlikely, but possible major event that would excees the capacity of the primary relief device.
  • In Series With Relief Valves
    The rupture disc is usually installed upstream when used in series with a pressure relief valve. Protecting from process media that can corrode or plug the PRV. The rupture disc can also act as a seal, unless ruptured, preventing leakage through the valve.

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