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Electric Actuators

Valve actuators are mechanical devices that use a power source to operate a valve. There are two main types of actuators, one for each of the two main types of valves that require them. They are rotary and linear. At Total Valve Systems, we offer a full selection of industry leading actuators in each of the types of power sources. Total Valves engineering team can work with you to determine which style and options will best serve the needs for your application.


  • New Prices Due to our alliances and distribution agreements with top brands such as Dyna-Flo and Bettis, we are able to present the lowest competitive prices available. Unlike smaller regional manufacturers and distributors, our volume purchasing allows us to have significant buying power. Total Valve's engineers and customer service teams will provide you with education on the pros and cons of all the various brands and options.
  • Installation Total Valve Systems has an inhouse machine shop that allows us to manufacture the necessary adaptors and pieces for the installation of the actuator onto your existing valve or offer you a complete actuated valve package, whether it is an on-off valve or a control valve.
  • Repair Prices Our highly trained technicians and sales team are not compensated based upon the number of parts they can replace per device being serviced; therefore, we give you an honest solution on part replacement for your individual needs.


FT Series

Maximum force up to 177 kN (40,000 lbf)

Speeds up to 1500 mm/s (59.3 in/s)

FTP Series

Maximum force up to 356 kN (80,000 lbf)

Speeds up to 401 mm/sec (15.8 in/sec)

FTX Series

Maximum force up to 177 kN (40,000 lbf)

Speeds up to 1500 mm/s (59.3 in/s)

K Series

Maximum force up to 15 kN (3,500 lbf)

Speeds up to 833 mm/s (32.8 in/s)

Tritex II® AC Rotary Actuator

Output torque up to 4696 lbf-in (530 Nm)

Speeds up to 4000 rpm

Tritex II® DC Rotary Actuator

Output torque up to 2078 lbf-in (235 Nm)

Speeds up to 5000 rpm per gear ratio

Tritex II® AC Linear Actuator

Continuous force up to 3,225 lbf (14 kN)

Speeds up to 33 in/s (800 mm/s)

Tritex II® DC Linear Actuator

Continuous force up to 872 lbf (3879 N)

Speeds up to 33.3 in/s (846 mm/s)

TTX Series

Force up to 5,897 N (1,326 lb)

Speeds up to 635 mm/s (25 in/s)

Intrusive Multi-Turn Actuators

Flowserve Limitorque is the world’s oldest supplier of intrusive, electromechanical multi-turn actuators and continues to produce the world class L120 and SMB series of electric actuators.

Non-Intrusive Multi-turn Actuators

Flowserve Limitorque is a world class supplier of the non-intrusive, electronic multi-turn MX series of actuators.

Non-Intrusive Quarter-Turn Electric Actuators

Actuators requiring 90° of rotation to operate are necessary for quarter-turn valves such as ball, butterfly, plug and dampers, and rotary control valves.

TEC2 Electric Valve Actuator

The TEC2 Electric Actuator is the next generation of the non-intrusive TEC2000 actuator.


For 60 years Rotork has used innovation for designing reliable, flexible and robust valve actuators and control systems.


Technologically innovative while incorporating proven engineering, Rotork watertight CK range actuators are suitable for all valves in non-hazardous locations.


The CVA range of linear and quarter-turn actuators provide an electrically powered process control operator suitable for most control valve types and sizes.


CMA range modulating actuators deliver a series of sizes suitable for linear, part-turn and multi-turn control valve and pump applications requiring precise position control and continuous modulation.


Small, electro-mechanical part-turn actuator environmentally sealed to IP68.


ROM actuators provide quiet and reliable operation for all kinds of small ball valves and butterfly valves, as well as dampers and ventilation louvres.


The ROM range of actuators can be enhanced with the addition of a self-contained control package to create a ROMpak actuator.

400 Series

400 Series electric actuators use the reliable Planetary Torque Control System (PTCS), providing a highly efficient actuator.


The PAX1 is a flexible low voltage DC powered linear actuator featuring a 25 mm maximum thrust rod stroke moving at speeds up to 60 mm/min and a maximum thrust of 2,890 N (650 lbf) all in a flameproof enclosure.


Compact, robust and lightweight electric part-turn valve actuator, designed for use in Ex areas for all gases, mists, vapours and dust.

SM-1700 / SM-5000

The SM-1700/5000 Series of rotary actuators are internally geared to produce up to 12,500 ft.lbs. (16,950 Nm) of torque, and offer continuous modulation.


Torque range up to 35,256 Nm (26,000 lbf.ft)


Thrusts from 150 to 1,500 lbf. (667 to 6,672 N)


Thrusts from 800 to 1,600 lbf. (3,558 to 7,117 N)

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