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Positive Material Identification

Positive Material Identification (PMI) is a fast and non-destructive testing (NDT) method for verifying the chemical composition of metals and alloys. Portable and cost-effective, PMI can be performed in one of our state-of-the-art labs, or in the field. Our Positive Material Identification (PMI) unit is a handheld LIBS (laser induced breakdown spectroscopy) analyzer, which allows users to perform rapid metal analysis.

Typical Uses for Positive Material Identification (PMI):

  • Ensure that products and components have been manufactured using the correct alloy
  • Measure even the smallest components conveniently in hand
  • Identify if the wrong material has been used
  • Field testing with laboratory quality
  • Rapid and accurate PMI analysis and results
  • Ensure material conforms to the correct standard and specification (both customer and industry)
  • Find potentially mixed-up alloys
  • Ensure welded components have used the correct filler material
  • Assurance for verification of specialty metal parts
  • Reduced risk of company liability with documented safety standards


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