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Limitorque Electric Actuators

Since 1929, Limitorque actuators have been making flow control easier among a broad range of applications. These actuators are world-class devices used to consistently drive multi-turn and quarter-turn industrial valves and dampers, providing years of dependable service. More than 1 million Limitorque actuators have been installed around the world - and some have been in operation for more than a half-century.

Intrusive Multi-Turn Actuators

Flowserve Limitorque® is the world's oldest supplier of intrusive, electromechanical multi-turn actuators and continues to produce the world class L120 and SMB series of electric actuators.

Intrusive Quarter-Turn Electric Actuators

The Limitorque® LTQ compact, quarter-turn electric actuator delivers superior reliability and performance through its industry-proven epicyclic locking gear set design.

Non-Intrusive Multi-turn Actuators

Flowserve Limitorque is a world class supplier of the non-intrusive, electronic multi-turn MX series of actuators.

Non-Intrusive Quarter-Turn Electric Actuators

Actuators requiring 90° of rotation to operate are necessary for quarter-turn valves such as ball, butterfly, plug and dampers, and rotary control valves.

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