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Dual Door Wafer Check

Used primarily to prevent reverse flow through pipes, efficient double-door (or non-return) check valves play an especially important role in protecting pumps and compressors.

Resilient Rubber Seated

Also known as concentric or zero-offset valves, resilient-seated butterfly valves are widely favored for specialty liquid and gas applications.

Double Offset High Performance

Also known as high-performance butterfly valves, double-offset valves feature two offset stems that offer especially long life due to reduced contact between valve discs and seats.

Triple Offset High Performance

For the most demanding applications in your drilling activities, triple-offset butterfly valves are essential for high pressures and high-temperature that require metal vs. soft seats.

ABZ Butterfly Valves
ABZ Butterfly Valves

As the sole manufacturer of ABZ™ products, Forum is proud to offer robust valve solutions that are in operation around the world. For more than 40 years, ABZ valves have outperformed even in difficult fluid compositions and extreme applications. Available in a wide variety of sizes and functions, our extensive catalog ranges from broad-purpose check and butterfly valves to high-performance actuators. All of Forum's ABZ valves are designed to be long-lasting and cost-effective while offering precise performance and simplified maintenance.

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