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Dyna-Flo Model DF234
Model DF234
NACE Service Ready Standard construction for the DF234 control valve features NACE trim. The valve bonnet and body also conform to NACE MR0175 (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) recommendations.
ASME Class 900/1500 The DF234 is designed and rated for ASME B16.34 Class 150 - 1500 service.
Live Loaded Packing Packing for the DF234 control valve is designed to provide a quality stem seal and to prevent the loss of hazardous gases or fluids. The live loaded feature provides for reduced maintenance and positive sealing in temperature and pressure cycling conditions.
Field-Reversible Actuator Field conversion of the DF234 actuator is designed to be quick and easy. Switch the DF234 from a spring-close to spring-open actuator without any additional parts.
Easily Maintained The hammer union body to bonnet connection allows for easy removal of the bonnet/actuator for access to trim and packing. Trim removal requires no special tools and is quick and simple. The two piece cage seat allows replacement of the seat ring while using the existing cage making port changes and maintenance more economical.
Low Temperature Materials The DF234 valve and actuator are constructed with materials that are capable of functioning in temperatures of -40°C.
Open Yoke The DF234 features an open yoke that allows for the mounting of a feedback arm to facilitate positioners and indicators.
Versatile Trim Material Options Plug and seat ring materials are available in S17400 DH1150 and S31600/Tungsten Carbide.

The Dyna-Flo Model DF234 control valve is primarily designed for on/off control of a variety of gases or fluids. These tough valves are manufactured for use as dump valves and feature a low profile and lightweight design that fits into tight locations and makes for easier handling. The DF234 is well suited for many other high pressure gas or fluid applications up to 2,250 Psig (155 bar). The DF234 is available in 1 inch and 2 inch sizes as a globe style valve body with threaded NPT or flanged connections.

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