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K Series
K Series

The K Series actuators from Exlar provide a truly universal solution for a multitude of rod-style actuator applications. Now available in 60, 75, and 90 mm frame sizes.

Quick Data:
Models KX60, KX75, KX90 (high capacity roller screw actuators)
KM60, KM75, KM90 (standard capacity roller screw actuators) legacy product
Frame Sizes 2.4, 3, 3.5 in (60, 75, 90 mm)
Stroke Lengths 6 in (150 mm), 12 in (300 mm), 24 in (600 mm), 36 in (900 mm)
Linear Speed up to 32.8 in/sec (833 mm/s)
Maximum Force up to 3,500 lbf (15 kN)
  • Flexible design suitable for numerous applications and configurations
  • Universal mounting options compatible with DC, stepper, and servo motors
  • Preconfigured parallel and inline motor mounts available for most motors
  • Multiple models for maximum flexibility
  • Anodized aluminum housing with sealed body options for harsh environments
  • Specialized material and coating options
  • Built for long life and low maintenance
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