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Fabri-Valve HD150/300 Heavy Duty Knife Gate Valve
HD150/300 Heavy Duty Knife Gate Valve

The Fabri-Valve HD line of Heavy Duty Knife Gate Valves are specifically designed to withstand abrasive, high pressure oil sands slurries. The HD Valve features a carbon steel body with ANSI B16.34 wall thickness and ANSI B16.5/B16.47 full face flanges. The body has a double replaceable seat configuration that provides bi-directional shutoff. The dual replaceable seats are easily field replaceable and are interchangeable from one side to the other. The seats are hard faced with chrome carbide on the port ID and seat face to provide long lasting seat and valve life in the harshest of slurry applications. The HD valve’s stuffing box is machined, providing tighter tolerances, thereby improving the packing’s sealing performance as well as providing positive alignment of the gate. Six rows of resilient cored packing with internal live-loading in combination with two gate scrapers provide superior sealing and increased packing life.

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