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Pacific Wedgeplug Metal Seated Plug Valves
Wedgeplug Metal Seated Plug Valves

Pacific® Wedgeplug Valves are chosen for delayed coker isolation where the service is both high temperature and presents valve seating issues when decoking occurs. Wedgeplug's unique seating arrangement ensures that seats are protected from the media in both the seated open and seated closed position. Combined with the purging options during the opening and closing cycles, Pacific® Wedgeplug proves that there is no other valve with the design and experience, to handle severe services.

Features And Benefits

  • As the Wedgeplug consumes steam only during activation (actively opening or closing), not only are steam costs reduced but downstream process yields are improved and system corrosion rates reduced.
  • Additionally, any loss of steam pressure when the valve is seated does not affect valve function, reliability or safety.
  • Top pull-out design allows the body to stay in the piping while the top works are removed for inspection, hydro-blasting and maintenance. This reduces rigging and pipe work costs and shortens turn around schedules and reduces the overall cost of maintenance throughout the life of the valve.
  • Metal-to-metal bi-directional seal eliminates orientation concerns and delivers double block and bleed/purge capability in a single valve, increasing operational safety.
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