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  • excellent tightness, resulting in lowest possible product losses and reduced environmental pollution
  • very high optimized flow capacity
  • valve pallet is guided inside the housing to protect against harsh weather conditions
  • can be used in explosion hazardous areas
  • automatic condensate drain
  • maintenance-friendly design
  • best technology for API tanks
  • suitable for use on cold storage tanks

The PROTEGO® V/SV-XXL valve is a highly developed optimized vacuum relief valve with excellent flow performance. It is primarily used as a device for relieving vacuum in tanks, containers, and process equipment.

When the set vacuum is reached, the valve starts to open and reaches full lift within 100% vacuum increase. The tank vacuum is maintained up to the set vacuum with a tightness that is above the normal standards due to our highly developed manufacturing technology. This feature is ensured by valve seats made of high quality stainless steel with precisely lapped valve pallets and a reinforced housing design. After the vacuum is balanced, the valve re-seats and provides a tight seal.

The optimized fluid dynamic design of the valve body and valve pallet is a result of extensive research and development, resulting in stable operation of the valve pallet, optimized performance, and reduced product losses.

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