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Magne-Trac Standard

The Magne-Trac product line provides one of the safest and most economical ways to meet your level measurement requirements. In applications for extreme pressure, temperature, vibration, and highly corrosive or hazardous material, Magne-Trac gauge will perform where other fail. Features include lower installation costs, easy to read liquid level indication, and low maintenance.

Constructed of non-magnetic materials including standard 316 SST. Exotic materials such as Alloy

20 & Hastelloy C are available. Traditional inlet & outlet mounted design displaying liquid level to match the vessel level. Complete with flange end closure for accessibility to float. Magne-Trac chambers are available to ASME 31.1 and 31.3.


  • Innovative Flag Design Maximizes Magnetic Field
  • Wide Flags for Enhanced Indicator View
  • Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Indicator Window
  • Corrosion Resistant Moving Parts
  • Wide Variety of Materials
  • Available to ASME 31.1/31.3 Standards
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