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The MTLT-5000 is based upon the magnetostrictive principle. The sensing tube contains a wire which is pulsed at fixed time intervals. The interaction of the current pulse with the magnetic field created by the magnetic float causes a torsion stress wave to be induced in the wire. This torsion propagates along the wire at a known velocity, from the position of the magnetic float and toward both ends of the wire. A patented piezo-magnetic sensing element placed in the transmitter assembly converts the received mechanical torsion into an electrical return pulse. The microprocessor-based electronics measures the elapsed time between the start and return pulses and converts it into a 4-20 mA DC output which is proportional to the level being measured.


  • Designed to mount externally to the Magne-Trac
  • No maintenance required
  • Multidrop HART Communications
  • FM Approved Explosion Proof/IS
  • NEMA 4X/7 enclosure
  • Modular design
  • Adjustable output damping
  • Up to .001” resolution
  • 2-wire loop powered
  • RFI/EMI protection
  • Offers a 4/20 mA 2-wire loop powered circuit for continuous level measurement
  • Available in lengths up to 300 inches
  • Process temperature range: -30 to 400 degrees F.
  • The Non-Contact design ensures no wear to the sensing element, thus requiring no maintenance or recalibration
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