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Steam-Trac ST-350

The Steam-Trac ST-350 is designed specifically for steam service to 350 PSI. The reflex borosilicate glass has prisms molded into the process side which will display black for water and white for steam.

All connections and materials fully comply with ASME requirements, and the gauge may be used as a Direct Reading Sight Glass for compliance to ASME PG-60. Since water appears completely different than steam, it is not necessary to have overlapping sections. Multiple section gauges will have a continuous chamber constructed of a single piece of bar.

Recessed gasket seats and a forged cover make the ST-350 easy and inexpensive to maintain. Live-loading with spring washers is standard and will ensure maintenance of original torque value in cyclic conditions.


  • For 350 PSI Working Steam Pressure (WSP)
  • Fully compliant with ASME as a Direct Reading Water Gauge
  • Multiple sections, continuous one-piece chamber
  • Spring washers for constant torque
  • Recessed gasket face in chamber and cover
  • Custom built per specifications
  • Studs, nuts and washers are nickel plated
  • High temperature coating
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