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LiftTrack™ With LiftTrack™, our new patented PSV lift event indicator, customers capture data on the various lift events that occur within a PSV. The LiftTrack™ device is located under the valve cap and detects all lift events within a specific valve. The mechanism records data on lift events and stores the information, so customers can better understand the PSV and overall system reliability.

LiftTrack™ stores other critical PSV system data as well. This information can be downloaded into our Total Valve Live system as part of our normal repair process. Total Valve Live provides us and the customer insight into the various lift events a device has recorded. The data can also be accessed while the valve is in its location. Total Valve Live data allows our customers to couple lift events with DCS system events to aid in PSM requirements.

Total Valve Reliability System Our new Total Valve Reliability System provides real-time reports that save customers money and down time. Using our extensive service and repair history on a specific valve, we can help customers optimize schedules for pulling or servicing valves before they begin to fail. Also, by analyzing the exact repair and service timeframes, we can better understand changing process conditions beneath the valve.

LiftTrack™ From Total Valve

  • Mounted Securely Under Valve Cap
  • Tracks and Stores Data on All Valve Lift Events
  • Reliability Data in Total Live System
  • Enables Reporting from our New Total Valve Reliability System
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