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Model 6820
Model 6820 - Total Relief (Low Pressure Pilot) Valve


  • Class 5 / Class 6 shut-off performance
  • Fire safe
  • Instant reset with manual or remote options
  • Partial stroke option to meet plant reliability requirements
  • No pins required - proven performance with factory testing
  • ASME & API certified
  • Cert. No: TVO-M00606

6820 TRV (low pressure pilot valve) is our proprietary system to open or close a valve at desired set pressure. This patented system includes the TRV module, an actuator and an isolation valve (typically a triple off-set butterfly valve due to the performance and durability).

This system allows the user to operate to within 1% to 3% of the desired set pressure of the valve. The relief capacity is much greater than typical relief systems on the market today which allow for lower overall system costs. No external power is required for the device. It is independent of system back pressure. When coupled with a ball valve it offers the capability of being pigged and provides overpressure, or shutdown, protection.

Sizes from 2" to 60" are available with the 6820 TRV system. API and ASME certifications.

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