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XOMOX High Performance Butterfly Valves Type 800
High Performance Butterfly Valves Type 800

The XOMOX® Series 800 offers a broad range of high performance butterfly valves with long life and extrem tightness under high pressure and vacuum conditions.

Features And Benefits

This double excentric highperformance butterfly valve provides important advantages:

  • 360° sealing seat area
  • long life of seat due to early disengagement of the disc from seat
  • reduced torque figures compared to conventional butterfly valve designs
  • a large diameter shaft which provides a direct and distortion free power transmission to disc and therefore excellent control characteristics (low hysteresis)

For applications involving flammable media, the dual component seat offers both superior sealing and fire tested security. It provides tightness according to leak rate A (EN12266-1) up to 300°C.

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