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XOMOX Special Purpose Butterfly Valves
Special Purpose Butterfly Valves

The XOMOX® Series 800 offers a broad range of high performance butterfly valves with long life and extrem tightness under high pressure and vacuum conditions.

Features And Benefits

Custom designs and modifications for unusual and difficult applications, high alloy materials, extremely complex or compact processing systems using cost-effective solutions.

XOMOX® Cryogenic Butterfly Valves

  • Specifically designed for sub-zero line temperature services. These valves handle cryogenic fluids efficiently and reliably with minimum maintenance requirements.
  • The compact size of the wafer and lug style valves permits minimum temperature stabilization times on either line heat-up or cool-down.
  • The stainless steel materials of construction provide for maximum service flexibility and media applications.
  • For applications from -50°F down to -180°F, the semi-cryogenic valve with a standard 8" extension is recommended. For applications from -180°F to -425°F, the full-cryogenic valve with a longer extension is available.
  • The Tufline CT4 cryogenic seat combines PCTFE and metal sealing elements and establishes both a PCTFE to metal and a dual metal to metal seal for superior performance and durability.

XOMOX® High Performance Butterfly Steam Traced Jacketed Valves

The XOMOX® HPBV-STJ offers:

  • triple-point prevention of media solidification in the shaft and bearings, the valve body and the disc.
  • patented, innovative designs for both valve stem and body.
  • steam circulation through the full perimeter of the disc.

XOMOX® XeniTh™ Extended Temperature Valves

  • XeniTh HPBV provides a virtually leak proof seal and an extend.
  • The valve's Tufline-600 seat is axially pliant. Unlike other seals, there is no radial stretch, so when the valve opens, the seat flexes axially, returning to its original compact shape. It does not "relax" into the flow path.
  • The valve's Tufline-600 seat is simple - no springs, no O-rings, and no metal hoops - so there’s no worry about breakage, swelling or corrosion. Because of it’s symmetrical shape, installation of the seat is simple and mistake proof.
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