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Pressure Relief & Vacuum Valves

Pressure Relief Valves

Pressure Relief Valves (PRVs) are valves used to control or limit pressure in a system or vessel which can build up for a process upset, instrument or equipment failure, or fire.

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Vacuum Relief Valves

Equipment must be protected against being subjected to an internal vacuum (i.e., low pressure) that is lower than the equipment can withstand.

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Rupture Discs

A rupture disc (or bursting disc) functions as a pre-designed "weak point" in a pressurized system. Rupture discs should be the strongest part of your pressure protection system.

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Test Insert / Pipe Covers

Test insert assemblies are placed between relief valves and shut-off valves (block valves) so relief valves can be isolated and tested in place through the port of the test insert.

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