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Dyna-Flo Control Valves
Dyna-Flo Control Valves

Dyna-flo valves was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Dynaflo valves main product line addresses the majority of control valve applications with various designs from heavy duty severe service to low profile valves. Meeting the critical industry standards of ASME B16.34 & NACE is achieved by valves having both on / off and throttle control for gas or fluid service.

Total Valve stocks the main lines of dyna flow control valves and actuators to ensure safer control and precision of your operations. Learn more about how the dynaflo 570 and other products we offer can assist with this by clicking the multiple products below.

Direct replacements for Fisher® control valves at significant savings.

  • 100% parts interchangeability.
  • No new inventory needed.
  • No retraining of personnel.
  • Dyna-Flo standard deliveries for are 2 weeks or less. Project deliveries vary but from what we can tell are the fastest in the industry.

DynaFlo Product Overview

Dyna-Flo Model 570 / 571 / 573

Dynaflo 570 / 571 / 573

The Dynaflo 570 Series Segmented Ball style control valve is suited to high flow, low pressure drop services.

Model 320

High Resistance, Multi-Stage, Axial Flow Path Trim

Model DF400

Heavy-Duty Eccentric Plug Control Valve

Model DF100

Control Valve

Model DF234

Control Valve

Model DF270

Control Valve

Model 350

Versatile, High-Capacity

Model 351

Versatile, High-Capacity, High Temperature

Model 360

General Purpose, Highly Configurable Control Valve

Model 361

General Purpose, High Temperature Control Valve

Model 362

General Purpose, Unbalanced Plug Control Valve

Model 363

General Purpose Low Flow Control Valve

Model 370

General Purpose, Large Body

Model 371

General Purpose, Large Body, High Temperature

Model 380

General Purpose, Large Body, High Temperature

Model 381

General Purpose, Large Body, High Temperature

Model 390

High Pressure Control Valve

Model 391

High pressure, High Temperature Control Valve

Model 392

High pressure, High Temperature Control Valve with Low Flow

Model DF2000

General Purpose, High Pressure, High Temperature Lower Flow Capabilities

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