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Excess Flow: Engineered Valves

Excess Flow Valves

Excess Flow valves are known by other names such as velocity check, emergency shutdown device, seismic valve, shutdown valve, surge preventer, earthquake valve, and line rupture valve.

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Check / Vent Valves

Our 3000 Series Check Valves are designed to provide protection in liquid, gas, or vapor services where flow is required in one direction.

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Emergency Shutdown Valves

Emergency Shutdown Valves detect and immediately stop the flow of potentially hazardous materials.

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Relief – TRV / TSV

6820 TRV (low pressure pilot valve) is our proprietary system to open or close a valve at desired set pressure.

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Diverter Valves

Isolation Valve Models 8000F and 8000T are designed to incorporate two safety relief valves to protect in an overpressure emergency.

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Slurry Valves

Isolation valves are designed to stop or re-direct flow, allowing for maintenance or process operations.

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