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Control Valve Repair

Process plants use control valves in their control loops to keep important process variables such as pressure, glow, level and temperature within the desired operating ranges to ensure the quality of the end product. Controls valves offer numerous advantages over manually operated valves in that they can automatically regulate pressure or flow rate and offer the ability to make changes to their setting from a remote location like a control room.

A faulty control valve can reduce the efficiency of the process plant. Some of the possible effects of the reduced efficiency could be a decrease in the amount of production capable because the flow has been decreased, increased feedstock usage due too much flow being allowed through the valve and the product goes unused or increased turbulence in product line causing damage to equipment downline or emulsification to fluid.

The best solution is to prevent control valve problems with routine maintenance; however Total Valve Systems knows that issues can arise and we are here to help get your plant back up and running as efficiently as possible whether it be in our shop or in the field.

Total Valve Systems Control Valve service process through or STAR technician program trained individuals can include the following depending upon the scope of the service required:

  • Diagnostics / Failure analysis using our proprietary TritonD control valve diagnostic system
  • Tracking through the Total Valve Live website, allowing the customer to check on the progress of the service order
  • ASME weld repair and machining
  • Flange / Trim custom conversions
  • Flow Lab for control valve testing – Cv’s
  • Automation facility/stroke testing
  • Drive Nut / Stem manufacturing
  • API Hydrostatic testing
  • Dyna-Flo
  • Fisher
  • Masoneilan
  • Copes-Vulcan
  • CVS
  • DFT
  • Leslie Controls, Inc.
  • Trimteck
  • Valtek
  • Valvtechnologies
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