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Pressure Relief Valve Repair

STAR Technician Program

The unique STAR technician program is our commitment to the industry to provide unequaled expertise and service for all major brands of valves. Our STAR technicians receive certified training in accordance to the valve manufacturers training coupled with industry requirements such as API, ASME, DOT, NFPA and OSHA.

Registered in ISNET World, Browz, PICs, & Veriforce

  • ASME VR / V / UV safety valve repair
  • LVT - Live valve testing
  • Oxygen ultrasonic cleaning trailer
  • Repairs meet the LDAR EPA Specifications
  • On-site turnarounds units
  • Remote leak detection
  • Air, steam, liquid & oil testing capabilities
  • HF Alky Unit
  • 70,000 sq. ft. + facility
  • 10 lift assist and setting machines (5 Hydroset - 5 Triton)
  • 24/7 Services
  • Online safety valve field testing at your plant
  • New safety and safety relief valves for same day shipment
  • Rebuilt safety relief valves for fast turnaround
  • Safety valve discs, disc holders, soft goods kits, springs, conversion kits and bellows assemblies in stock
  • Air and Liquid Test Benches for Safet Valves
  • Boiler Steam Testing Relief Valves to 1750 Psi
  • Safety Valve Repair Services to support Maintenance Outage Requirements
  • Farris
  • Consolidated
  • Anderson
  • Crosby
  • Kunkle
  • Leser
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