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Safety Relief Valve Repair

Safety relief valves are an important part of a pressure systems safety measures. They are considered the last line of defense against an overpressure scenario within the system. A properly operating safety relief valve can protect the equipment, piping and other instruments within the plant from exceeding the maximum allowable pressure. A safety relief valve that has not been properly maintained or is not operating properly can lead to a process upset downstream, equipment failure or in extreme cases fires or explosions. Total Valve Systems is authorized to perform service on all your safety relief valves at one of our three locations or at your plant site.

Total Valve Systems’ Capabilities

  • Certified through National Board to perform ASME VR (valve repair) and TO (test only) for Section I (V) and Section VIII (UV) valves
  • ASME Certified Flow Facility
  • Real time graphs of testing performed
  • Proprietary online database – Total Valve Live that can provide the customer with status of the service being performed and access to past test records.
  • STAR technician program trained technicians
  • 6000 psig Air and Water Testing
  • Vapor Power Boiler Testing
  • Oxygen ultrasonic cleaning
  • ASME VR Safety Valve repair and DOT compliant
  • LVT – Live valve testing
  • Oxygen ultrasonic cleaning trailer
  • Repairs meet the LDAR EPA specifications
  • 10 Mobile Repair Units in many sizes and configurations to meet the differing demands of on-site service
  • Real-time reporting to Total Valve Live
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